Good food doesn’t need hours to prepare  and here is why. 

​It is widely acknowledged that FOOD and all the sensory reactions it  invokes, is primarily inspired by treasured memories from our past! 

This is especially true of the cooking icon I wish to introduce today!
Bibi Fatima Vorajee ,mother of 3 grown children ,cites COOKING as her lifelong passion. Growing up in the bosom of a huge extended family, renowned for their love of good food,Fatima had the benefit of spending hours playing in the kitchen while immersing herself in observing her legendary elders whipping up gastronomical traditional ,Indian delights  using authentic,fresh, seasonal ingredients and preparing everything from scratch.

She jokingly claims that even today she is the same little girl playing in the kitchen!                      

She loves experimenting with different taste and textures, combining secrets gleaned from her extensive travels around the world    ,adapting and tingeing international cuisines to create her own personal recipes,while remaining faithful to what she knows WILL appeal to the authentic Indian palette, by fusing them with Indian traditions, flavours and ingredients.      

Fatimas home constantly bustles with company, graciously entertaining friends and family, most notably her tradition of entertaining her childrens friends on Wednesday nights.  She laughingly recounts how her ‘family’ has grown proportionately over 15 years to accomodate the  kids   friends’ spouses and even offspring now! 

Additionally Fatima has been successfully catering for individuals,  corporates and intimate weddings for over 10 years..Egged on by all these spellbound clients and friends, she has ventured into creating her own line of masalas and marinades known as “DEVOUR”….
Sampling these delectable treats, Fatima hopes to infuse the following three key ingredients into each of her products: 

1)PEACE: an element of induced trust, sensibility and peace of mind,  so  that the client can be rest assured that the utilisation of a huge amount of time,energy and resources coupled with the assurance of a traceable line of uncompromising attention to detail,   insofar as sourcing the finest ingredients WILL ultimately culminate in satisfying your desire for a peaceful and conscious food landscape.  

 2)LOVE:Yes, you can actually eat love!. With the certainty of uncompromising standards, Fatima believes that the passion she infuses into her food can be transferred and fully interpreted leaving her clients full,happy and wholesome and Loving their meal. 

3)JOY:Fatima hopes to stir her clients emotions and transport them to places they’ve never been before, and she hopes it will induce a sense of communal nostalgia amongst perfect strangers. If we acknowledge the link between health and our level of joy, we will start to look at the way we eat as a vital ingredient for our happiness.

I urge you all to try out her delectable marinades and be inspired by her philosophy that “one does not grow old at the table”…the pleasure of good food, combined with good company is such that the passage of time is suspended!

All ‘Devour’ products are available at the following outlets:..

United butcher 

 Forsmay butcher 

shanawaz butcher 

Taahir halaal butcher 

 An Nur  in Roshnee

alternately call Fatima  +27 61 959 1151

for all your catering requirements… and be assured that there is  no challenge or requirement that is too huge, complicated or too simple for her to handle efficiently , accomodatingly and proffesionally


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