A mothers agony with bullying In school. 

By Nasreen Bux Sayed

How I wish I could wipe away the hurt you’re feeling as I wipe away your tears… This is the constant thought running through my mind as I console my daughter who at 7 years old is again on the receiving end of playground bullying.

Bullying is a sad reality in many schools and many kids choose not to tell anyone for fear of the repercussions. My daughter also is amongst these kids as she chooses which incidents to relay to me and which to keep quiet about.
She was seriously burnt in a fireworks accident a few years ago and was left with a few scars. It started of when kids wanted to see her scars and then refused to play with her at 4 years old and going to school for the first time it can be very daunting for a child. This taunting stopped only when her teacher at the time did a lesson on fire and the consequences of getting burnt. Thereafter the next 2 years my child was fine. Fast forward to primary school and everything is again new this time I thought ok now this is going to be better as there are many more new kids…. Gosh was I ever wrong.

Yet again kids started with the teasing it was heartbreaking for me as a parent to hear that kids were telling the other kids in her class not to sick next to her or play with her as she was dirty. This made me so angry that I actually wanted to walk up to these mean  kids and actually drag them by their ear to their parents but again I let it be after I discussed it with her educator. Few weeks later same story. She’s been called everything from dirty to black muslim (no offence to anyone ) which left me livid. These kids have made my little girls first few years of school a living hell. There have been so many days whereby she has faked a stomach or head ache just to stay away from school.  Again I approached her teacher and still nothing was done. My child is so afraid of telling us anything because after her teacher questions these kids their bullying becomes worse . 

It’s really sad to see kids at such a young age discriminating against each other over the colour of their skin because in actual fact they are still to small to even grasp the concept of race. These kids are so ruthless that they have gone as far as calling me fat. This really upset my daughter to a point whereby she didn’t want me jumping out of the car to pick her up even though we told her when you’re pregnant you get fat. 

It’s gotten so bad some times I actually wanted to walk up to these kids and smack them solid. I will never forget the day I heard her tell her bigger brother how she wishes she wasn’t born or that she died…. I was livid I think I would have slapped those kids senseless if they were near me. I approachedthe teacher yet again only to be told she sorting it out but to date nothing has changed. 

It’s difficult for me to hear her prayers that include please God don’t let (child’s name ) come to school today.
I think we as parents need to ensure our kids are not being bullied or being a bully to other kids. It’s not difficult to ensure our kids grow up with compassion for others.

I think we as parents need to ensure our kids are not being bullied or being a bully to other kids. It’s not difficult to ensure our kids grow up with compassion for others. 

I believe kids are and extension of their parents and at this age display what they see at home. 

My appeal to you is listen to your child if they are being bullied or need to tell you something because more often than not they need a shoulder to cry on and someone to defend them. Also parents make sure your kids are not bullies

I urge all parents to ask schools to highlight the seriousness of bullying. 

Stop bullying SA will help in raising awareness in schools as well as give parents advice as what to do to help any child  being bullied. 

Another article that should be read http://citizen.co.za/198234/bullying-what-every-parent-should-know/

Email them stopbullyingnow.sa@gmail.com

Mumtaz Moosa Saley


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Nasima Dustigar says:

    Thnk u for making us aware of these kind of kids . It is so sad to see kids at such young age saying nasty things.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mumtazsm says:

      That why we need to encourage schools to start talking about bullying


  2. veryberry2 says:

    So sad💔. . 1 of the reasons i homeschool my kids.


    1. mumtazsm says:

      Sad reality that kids have to go through the abuse.


  3. Taahira says:

    So sad but ur daughter is beautiful inside and out there is cruel people in this world


    1. mumtazsm says:

      The writers daughter is indeed


  4. daysixtyfive says:

    Beautifully written work, cruel people around that’s for sure.


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