Every women needs a moment. 

As a mother I know the stress of life, between the kids never ending schedules and after schools activities it feels like an endless retrace, let’s not forget the daily errands and yes the world is on our shoulders because every day seeing to everyone in the house hold ensuring that every person else has the equipment to thrive.  

While the rat race leaves us Exhausted the burn out is real, like any human we need time that moment to have by ourselves. Yes I know some days going to the bathroom in peace are all that is wanted. The reality is that once in a while we need to ensure that we have that sacred moment even if it is once in a while to ourselves in order to allow everyone in the home to thrive and go fort to conquer the wold.  

Well ladies let  me be realistic as we all dream about that spa day but they cost a fortune and some days you really need it. On my many hunts to offer the best in life style I have come across Ultimate Beauty & laser, they based in Johannesburg but offer the most affordable Spa treatments to date. To which I discovered that if you have that spring unsightly leg hair, ultimate beauty & laser does house calls as well.

There setting is professional and will have you feeling relaxed the moment you walk in. Parking is ample so no matter how stressed you are you would not have to add to the stress of your day. After all you came to unwind.

Think of this their prices are half the usual rate, so you don’t have to break the bank to get yourself a feel good treatment. Also what really impressed me is that while I was pregnant very few places offered pregnancy massages and those who did charged and arm and a leg for one. Trust me when you pregnant some days you really need a good back rub by someone who knows how to as well. -ultimate Beauty and laser offers a pregnancy Massage at an affordable price which is really so cheap compare to the spas that do offer the same experience, again they do house calls which I love the idea still. 

So as a mother I know it impossible to have just a spa day as every second counts when you running between soccer, school and so on. That is why I chose to do a review on Ultimate Beauty & laser as you can get your Spa day, Cupping, nails and they will even be sure you stop looking like a bear and wax you.  So next time you need to do threading yes you don’t settle for an unhygienic place as Ultimate beauty & laser will make you feel like a million bucks and they burp free if you know what I mean. 

Amina is the owner of this fine establishment and she goes the extra mile in ensuring her clients are well taken care of, which is amazing. I gave this poor lady hell between my schedules and never being able to make it due to unforeseen circumstances she showed the most professional manner I have ever seen. As long as you reschedule in advanced she will accommodate you where possible and go out of her way for you as well.  I see why so many people said that her brand works it simply because of her amazing attitude towards her clients.  
Ultimate Beauty and Laser

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