​The love of Art By Zuleika Bibi Suleman. 

Many home owners knows the hassle it is to dress your walls, we all have that empty space which we know an aqquired art piece needs to adorn. Unhappy with the current offerings and in personal feeling store bought art gives us, sadly that bare wall remains bare until it is paired up with the perfection visionary. 

My personal home had this exact space and almost two years later that wall has not been adorned by anything, simply because no one understood the needs I have. 

So my recent adventures had me meet up with many local artists who just did not understand my needs as well, realizing I was the difficult person I decided to give up hope.  

The brave I dare to call her Zuleika called me with a challenge that she would find what I needed without pushing what she has already painted on me. With that I agreed and challenge was accepted. Very doubt fully I decided to than have a look at what she had as well.  
While going over what she had I found the perfect match to what I needed. To take things one further I had told her my needs for my kids rooms. I wanted something fun they would not outgrow any time soon, to take It to almost impossible I was looking for an art piece that would not have any eyes on it as well. Excitedly she told me about her new range which has a few kids’ items in them that is perfect for any Muslim home.   I had taken her through what I had in mind for my kids and she was happy to make what I wanted to my specifications. 

Chatting with Zuleika she had told me about how she started her new adventure. She painted as a hobby, she never seen art as anything more. After a while her posts on the various social networks of her paintings started getting a lot of attention. People were hungry to buy her work and like me they all seen that one item that would make their house feel like a home. Zuleika decided still not to sell any of her work until she was 100% satisfied with that she had taken art lessons to learn the love of art. With that every stroke and every shade that adorns her art master pieces are inspired by love for what she does. 

So if you have that unsightly wall in your home in which you have no idea what to do, or want something hand painted than Zuleika is the one you should call 

Zuleika Bibi Suleman can be contacted on +27721439631


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