The day I tried a new makeup brand.  I simply found my perfect shade. 


Make up shopping is a nightmare and a half with that said I usually choose the well-known brands as one would assume the price tag proves to be worth it. Honestly it is very seldom I find myself venturing out of my comfort zone, as it has become more mind over matter when it comes to make up. 

The cheaper brands naturally I assume it of low quality. In recent years I have found that my most love brands kept getting more expensive and the quality has been dropping drastically. Every women knows and understands the need to have make up that sits where it should be all day.  Somewhere along the line of makeup it defines us women and makes us feel confident. Who  can be confident when your eye liner at 2 pm makes you look as if you belong in a horror movie, yes we all know that feeling of having to rub our finger under our eye lids to ensure that our beloved eyeliner is where it should be.  

After 10 years I decided to venture out to look for a new brand to cater for my needs, like most I cannot afford the over the top ranges in makeup. So my hunt began the hunt find a makeup brand that not only promotes value for money but will ensure that it not tested on animals as well.  

So one lazy afternoon I was scrolling Facebook and i had come across this page called BYS Cosmetics, reluctantly I clicked onto the page, than going full on stalker I decided to google the brand.  I remembered on one of my bolder look moments I had come across BYS in the past and it was so difficult to find it in SA as there eye shadows came in shades that would mesmerize and make up fundi.  With that I decided to drop an email to see if it the same brand I had once discovered on my adventures and see if the standards were still up to date as they were 3 years ago. 

I contacted them telling them who I was and with that they had sent me an assortment of products. I decided to dedicate a week to testing all the products and have them go against some of the well-known make up brands out there.  
Firstly any make up lover would tell you that good make up brushes is a must, BYS cosmetics has a brush with the label on it so even if you don’t know your foundation brush from your blush brush you will be sorted.  The BYS make up Brushes are simply worth every cent and a good investment for any women willing to look gorgeous.  

The BYS cosmetic range is so extensive you can complete your entire make up collection from them; they have everything for every occasion and look you need to go for.  They have foundations that give you the natural look without adding a thick layer to ensure that you are comfortable as well, which is perfect for contouring. 

My absolute favourite is their eyeshadows it stays where it should be all day long proving that it worth every cent. 

BYS is not tested on animals and is perfect for every one including professionals, tho the name is relatively new to the country BYS cosmetics is proof that good make up should not cost you a fortune. It also easy to see why BYS is becoming a global trend.

So spoil yourself and look gorgeous with BYS.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Fathima Khan says:

    Thanx 4 info. 🙂


    1. mumtazsm says:

      It so affordable as well


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