Irfaana Mahomed shares with us her story. 

Irfaana Mahomed has built a brand that speaks for itself.As a Muslima she is proof that a Muslim women can have all the success and build a brand based on an idea. 

She  started Madam L’Arabe after she  sold her former business Bling By Binte.

 When she sold it.she thought she wanted to be out of the business world But after selling she realized that she missed it.

  She missed seeing the happiness on a clients face. She missed looking for new trends and  Meeting new people. This was her passion she had grown to love. As a Muslima the she enjoyed finding new trends and new items that South Africans were missing out on. More so she realized the gap in the current market was some thing she could fill with love and passion for what she always did. 

She started Madam L’Arabe in May 2014 with this intention with the intention  to find ways to put beauty in modesty. That girls and woman of today will choose to wear modest clothing as its still be stylish instead of going out there and being immodest.

When she started she launched the Madam L’Arabe Turkish scarf.. This scarf is absolutely amazing.It sits anyway you tie it. Which was a winner on bad scarf days.Her  clients love them and have come to buy their seconds and thirds…  The quality is also amazing. She stresses on the quality of what she sells to ensure that every client is one that will cime back for more

 With this her brand building to make her new busniess started, clients kept asking her for more items. Her clients were inspired and demanded more products from her range. As she promoted her brand dedicating her heart and soul her brand took off. 

In June she introduced Zafira Couture…  And so far its two years and thou her brand was proing a succes she had only one complain about her abayas and scarves… People love it and wanted more.

Her  aim is to provide quality always. she feels you rather pay a few rands more but get quality that will last you years.

As a mum she introduced a kids range as well, she found the need to find clothing that will outlast any active baby or toddler ensuring that mum can shop for her and baby in one place. Providing items that she found fit. 

With this she learnt that listening to the client is of utmost importance when building a brand. Even on days when she was faced with life’s challanges  she ensured that her clients orders went out on time. 

Madam L’Arabe now stocks the following brands

Zafira Couture
Zar By Zafira
Bedoon Essm
Al Shal
Black Thread
Hayaat Couture
Next Uk

Irfaana Mahomed


Instagram @madam_larabe 


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