The Sophisticated Muslima 

Naeela from La classique had contacted me telling me about her range of modest wear, like many here I thought it going to be the same old boring unsightly garments we have become accustomed to.  I held out and decided to see for myself what her range was all about.

I would not lie when she told me what she does and who she is a few things had crossed my mind. I had looked for every reason to turn her review down. 

Naeela had worked in the corporate world for many years and understood the need for modest wear that would be formal enough for a meeting yet feminine enough for every day. She had given up her job to pursue an idea and the La Classique range was born. I am so glad she decided to follow an idea, because what she does simply works. 

Naeela had created a brand for women by a Muslim woman intended to inspire everyone to dress modest on a budget. What ever Naeela is doing is certainly working as May this year she had opened her home store which has received so much support from the community that she now delivers throughout South Africa. Her range is sparking and enormous amount of interest via the social networks. 

Ladies from Johannesburg you understand that when you have finally found Islamic modest wear it is either hippie looking bell bottoms from 1960 and if you happen to find really nice exquisitely elegant modest wear the price would give you a mild stroke.  

Due to finical economical times one cannot afford to spend 3 months’ salary on a clothing item which sadly has become the biggest issue in recent months. Prices have become so highly crazy that many Muslim women have been in a conundrum as to what to do in this situation especially the working Muslima. 

So when Naeela had sent me a few items from her La classique range, I was impressed by the quick delivery. More so when I  had seen her price tags attached to the items I was sitting there thinking is this women really serious about her pricing. 

Again if you see a throw over for R350 you would assume it a cheap Chinese or stretch material. When I had seen the La classique throw over I was impressed by the heavy fabric that was perfect for the winter. The Quality is impeccable and will definitely not look old after a few washes, as the cheap stretch ones. 
What I really adored about her range is that you can dress the items for a formal look with a pair of heels, or you could dress it down with a pair of sneakers and a pretty scarf. Her range comprises of soft fabrics that makes you feel confident, after all when you have the walk of confidence you can take on the world. 

Again ladies in Johannesburg you understand that something we would get this side would set us back easily between R900 to R1000. So when I had a look at the other items she had sent me I had realized that La classique range is filled with so much heart and soul. 

Even thou Naeela charges a minimul fee for deliver in other parts of South Africa it still way cheaper than buying similar garments that are inported from other countries. Support local. 
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