Food made with love and Passion.

Passionate Food – a catering business that is truly passionate about food. It is only through the labour of love does that one endeavour to find new and innovative ways to prepare the most scrumptious meals to suit our very delicate, selective palette.

Eight years ago, with a dream in hand, Faheema Hoosen decided to give her passion and love for Food a chance to prosper and she started up Passionate Food.  It was definitely worth it, she never imagined that her dream could have taken her this far. I must say I am beyond ecstatic that she has found her place at the hearth of kitchen. Her Food is an art that makes your soul feel at home. 


Over the years Passionate Food has been slowly gained popularity amongst those who have sampled the creations behind this established catering business. Passionate Food is slowly becoming a house hold and corporate favourite in Johannesburg. 

It has been years that I have been gushing over Faheema’s amazing Food creations. The very first time I was introduced to Passionate Food by Faheema, was at my surprise baby shower. I remember it like yesterday, she had made a beautiful cake that pleased every palette. The older ladies who are rather fussy eaters, I mean rather selective eaters simply loved it. They even asked for a few doggy bags.  


When Faheema contacted me to sample part of her Eid menu, my taste buds simply hopped, skipped and jumped to the occasion. Accommodating my rather hectic schedule, she went out of her way to deliver a four course meal to my doorstep. What stood out was her determination and that she was very punctual. She was particular in sticking to the promised time of delivery. I absolutely love this as this will ensure that your guests would never have to know that you did not cook the scrumptious meal that you just served.

As a mother she understands that we all have our own Food preferences and she knows our little darlings are the most fussiest of eaters and critics. My six year old is indeed the fussiest Food critic I know, so when he jumped to taste test I knew then and there that I should keep Passionate Food on speed dial, unless Faheema is willing to adopt him for dinner times. 


The Four Course Meal

Pepper steak canapé

This fancy yet scrumptious canape of green pepper rolled in minute steak, which is cooked in a creamy pepper sauce. These amazing flavours might sounds over the top but one bite and your taste buds would thank you. 



Option 1
Roasted masala chicken nestled on a bed of soft potatoes. Served with a side of butter naan.

The masala chicken was simply mouth-watering. The chicken was not dry and full of flavour. The butter naan made the perfect accompaniment to ensure I would need to diet after Iftaar. 

Option 2
Creamy peri-peri prawns, served with spicy rice

This was simply heavenly as the aroma took my taste buds on a round the world trip. I felt like I was in a world class restaurant, seated at my dining room table. The coconut twist in the prawns added life to the dish and reminded me of varied coconut infused Kokani dishes I have had over the years. The prawns accompanied by spicy rice was a light yet satisfying main course. It is truly fit for royalty. 

Vanilla cupcakes


To end of the evening we had gorgeously themed vanilla cupcake. This was the perfect treat for an after meal treat. The most guaranteed way to know that anything is a winner is when my fussy six year old hid the rest of the cupcakes away for himself. 
Despite it being so beautifully decorated it wasn’t overly sweet. The real butter taste had me dipping in to that most needed cup of tea. Luckily, no one was around to see me dunk a moist cupcake into my tea and polished the rest of the cupcake most satisfied. 

My final verdict
Passionate Food should be kept on speed dial. Their customer service is exceptional!

I have on many occasions used the talented services of Passionate Food and I have never been left disappointed. Not too long ago, I had texted Faheema saying I am having guests over for dinner and being the busy bee that I am I needed her to cater for me. Within a few minutes she sent me various menu options. I must add that even though I was being a little difficult by changing my mind a few times and I even asked for more options. I must say that Faheema was happy to accommodate my changing things as well as catering specifically for my guests’ Food preferences. All this happened within the span of one day,. Commend her for staying composed and she was really understanding initially when I told her I would get back to her if I am interested in using her services, then making up my mind and she was impeccably punctual.
Without a doubt her passion speaks volumes, as her Food is exceptional. So this Eid why slog over the hot stove when you can have a personal chef on a budget? Her prices are so well within budget that Eid day will be easy going and all smiles.

N.B. She will even put your Food in your own dishes so your mother-in-law can praise your culinary skills. 😉  

Faheema has a varied menu and she also caters for all your dessert requirements. She also stocks the latest Eid cutters/moulds for all your DIY projects. The good news is that they are all currently on sale. Stocks are limited. 


Below her full menu for Eid this year: Contact her for all your weddings, birthday parties, year-end functions etc. requirements. Faheema0825532599
@passionateFood_fay HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank”




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