Local Nasheed Artist Uzair Gardee and Taariq Sayed.


Uzair Gardee and Taariq Sayed, both 18 years old, have launched their first Islamic Nasheed album titled ‘CLOSER TO YOU’. They have used their talent of composing lyrics to touch people’s lives. Taariq and Uzair have been blessed with melodious voices which will encapsulate those that lend an ear.

Uzair Gardee from Greenside, Johannesburg is a first year student at WITS studying to become a doctor, Uzair lost his granny to cancer shortly thereafter his brother and closest friend, passed away at the tender age of 15 after battling with leukemia for 3 years. These traumatic losses impacted hugely on his life. Yusuf’s death showed him how short life was and no matter what adversity one goes through, always turn to Allah. In turn this motivated him to start making a difference to guide the growing Muslim youth in a direction towards the right path through Nasheed.                                                     Taariq Sayed from Emmarentia, Johannesburg is currently studying BCom at Wits.The loss of Uzair’s brother Yusuf to Leukemia 2 years ago, was a traumatic experience for Taariq as Yusuf was like a brother to Taariq. They have known each other for over a decade and dealing with this loss was not easy. Nasheed became cathartic for Taariq as a way of dealing with the huge void in his life after Yusuf’s passing.                 


The boys believe that this was the inception of them altering and modifying their own lifestyles. Their aspiration is to alleviate the mindset of the youth and to possibly reach out and connect with them.
Yusuf’s manner in dealing with his illness, his positivity, his amazing attitude and trust in Allah served as a true inspiration for Uzair and Taariq. It was during this time that they had seen what support CHOC provides for children and their families with cancer. During Yusufs remission, he cycled the 94.7 cycle challenge for CHOC to raise funds for the families less privileged then him.


Looking back at Yusuf’s desire to help motivated Uzair and Taariq to give back. Yusuf was not only an inspiration in the production of the CD but the boys have decided to allow Yusuf’s dream to live on by donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every CD to CHOC.
The first song , Be there ,was written for Yusuf whilst Yusuf was still in hospital.


They are typical teenagers however, this album is a means for them to add value to themselves and inspiring the youth to emerge as better Muslims and finer people with the hope of moving closer to the Almighty.

For your copy of the The CD “CLOSER TO YOU”                                                               Sumayya Gardee- 0798812464                     Zaheda Sayed – 0792348478                         CII store-Lenasia, Taj spice and books-Lenasia, Al Ansaar bookstore-Durban, Eastern temptations-Emmarentia, Hamza Halaal-Emmarentia, Industry-Emmarentia


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