Zaymani, non-electric slow cooking bag

The Zaymani non-electric, insulated bag allows food that has been brought to a boil
to continue cooking slowly and keep warm in the bag. It can also keep food that
has been chilled, cold for a number of hours.

It perfect for taking food all over this Eid..
Desserts stay cold, and food stay warm in this nifty bag.


The bag is insulated with recycled polystyrene beads and covered in good quality denim fabric on one side and African tshwe-tshwe print on the other side. Making the brand Proudly South African as well.

The bag is beautifully embellished with a colourful braid and comes with a draw string and
toggle that makes it easy to close. Zaymani provides a free dishcloth made from
fine cotton and beautiful braid with every bag.


The bag is ideal during power outages, can be taken on camping trips and picnics. It a bag made to last a life time. The investment is surley worth it.

The bag is perfect to keep desserts, and ice creams at perfect temperature. While also ensuring the biryani is nice and warm with out the hassle of having to steam the rice.

So dazzle this Eid day and place your orders now. They also cutom make the bag for every possible size you will need.



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