ADORE by Adila Ahmed fashion show


Adore by Adila


The curtains have closed and the most anticipated fashion show has ended. The verdict is that Adore by Adila designs stand out from the rest.




The throws which she has showcased are simply stunning and words could not describe the art in which she has focused on and implementing. Her attention for detail shows her passion, as every movement of the fabric had the audience gasping  and wanting more.



What really stood out for me was her husband’s support in all this, watching on with such love and admiration. Ensuring that Adila personally ensures the quality of her garments is beyond amazing.



The Adore by Adila range has been inspired from fond memories of her father. From a young age, her dad had been pushing her towards pursuing greatness in her passion. With that love and determination, the Adore range has been designed with so much heart.




Every garment that she has included in her Ramadhaan/Eid collection this year is so unique, inspiring the fashion conscious to dress their best at all times. Why be boring when you can be simply gorgeous in the Adore range.



She has gifted me, with the golden one that I had my eye on from the first time that I had seen it. The fabric used is soft and luxurious, the stitching on it is impeccable and really does stand out. I am sold on her designs and so should you.



Be simply stunning, be fabulous and step your best foot forward this fall with Adore by Adila Ahmed.

Contact Adila on
Follow her on Instagram: Adorebyadila


4 Comments Add yours

  1. fathiima says:

    Yes her determination and skills Alhumdullilah outshined her greatest expectation to achieve beyond her inspired goal..With lots of love and support that surrounded her especially that of her husband, made the
    Adore range a great success. Keep your eyes peeled for more exclusive and exquisite garments to follow by Adila Ahmed…the Adore range


  2. ali101love says:

    Absolutely stunning!
    I think i want one for myself…Gorgeous.


    1. mumtazsm says:

      Her new range should be out soon

      Liked by 1 person

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