Zaymani dates.. be warned.

Zaymani chocolate Dates.


Zaymani had sent me a box of chocolate dates, looking at it I was unsure of the combination between the two.

I am not a chocolate lover and my six year old son as well; so when we received a box of dates to try out I was a bit sceptical and thought of a million reasons why I would most certainly not enjoy these dates.


Any way I had finally decided not to judge the book by its cover or so and closed my eyes and hoped for the best.
A small bite led to me eventually hiding the box because soon enough my six year old tasted this and was inlove, it became a love affair of the taste buds for him.


These dates has got me so addicted to the whole idea of chocolate covered dates, and if you a chocaholic than breaking your fast this iftaar should be one filled with deliciousness.

Zayamani dates are great for gifts for family and friends this ramdhaan. For me im sure to order a box just for myself to indulge in.

060 0002785


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  1. mliae says:

    Looks delicious! Happy Ramadam to you and yours 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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