Choc chip cookies to kill for!


Like most I enjoy my cup of tea, as I feel tea has the answers to every situation in life. So now and again  out comes my favorite pink dotted cup, I swear if I have tea in any other cup it just does not taste the same. Tea some days means a reason to have 6 or more biscuits, and complain after that I am  getting fat.  So every now and again I embark on an adventure through the what’s app advertising groups scouting for delectable tea treats.

Last week a lady by the name of farzeen  invited to try her choc chip cookies and while dunking my biscuit “in public” off course, i reached for another and another. It was simply delectably delicious, you could taste the butter the chocolate chips in side as well. My taste buds were simply in haven.


While hoping she doesn’t notice me eating all the biscuits i had asked her why she started to sell her famous choc chip cookies.  (I think I had about four before I realized it is time to stop, the will power it took was another story.)

Whe she told me the story one could see the love she had for baking
Truth is she baked the cookies because  of her daughter . Her daughter simply wanted to bake one day, despite the mess as well finally out came choc chip cookies.  They made not just memories that day they made a taste bud sensation, extra ingredient  was love and memories they could hold on to forcer.
They would bake, and take with them to invites and people would call her asking Farzeento make a batch willing to pay, even thou she explained she does not sell the choc chip cookies people would pressure her into selling it to them.That is how the whole idea came about to sell these cookies. I certainly  thank the ladies who made her start the choc chip business.


Thou her daughter is now full time in school, farzeen now bakes and sells these amazing cookies on order only bases.
Made with pure butter, nuts and choc chips of the best quality you can be sure of. I promise it worth every single calorie.

Prices are:

R50 per dozen
R 150 per batch (+-39 cookies)
She is based in Johannesburg area and can be contacted on 0842696475 farzeen .


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