Acornkids makes learning fun.


Acornkids  was created with kids in mind, while encouraging the development for fine motor skills through play


I was astonished by the product as a mother I am always on a look out for innovative yet affordable items for the kids. Tasneem had sent me a goodie bag to try out and while not to sure on the brand I gave it a try. I was hooked on to the products and the idea of Bath and play time being fun in a innovative yet absolutely fun way. I can understand why the key vision they stand by is to magically transform each day into learning, growth and development of young minds.  Trust me when I say bath time will never be this fun especially  with the bath ranges they offer. Kids will love bath time, while they discover the fun behind the innovate products. 


Tasneem a wonderful lady who has excellent client  care skills to handle tHe indecisive parent who looking for the perfect suprise for thier little ones. She will gladly answer any questions and with that she was key in mentioning that the products are safe for all to use including dinosaur craze dad’s who forgot to grow up. 

Contact Tasneem


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