Sweet sensations review

I am always  on the look out for last minute gifts or some thing that well priced yet exquisite to take to function.


I have come across sweet sensations who out stood the usual taste. The ice creams are decedent yet full of taste and for the price of R100 I got a tub of coconut ice cream that tasted like my child hood ice cream from Tony’s. My husband on the other hand has insisted on the kulfi flavour that reminded him of his grandmother, picture below is the kulfi ice cream.  The gums are well priced and so addictive that you might have to say goodbye to your diet, the taste explosion is indeed addictive


Sweet Sensations is a home run business that has been built on passion, creativity, quality and a bit of sparkle!

The owner and head chef Romaana Boda is a young entrepreneur from Lenasia, and she can mix just about any ingredient to make the most decadent cakes, layered fruit flans, signature ice creams, refreshing sorbets, rich truffles and sugary gum drops. She is a qualified patisserie chef & chocolatier.


For orders please contact Romaana now:
•Call/WhatsApp: 0829418005
•Email: sweetsensationschef@gmail.com
•Instagram: @sweetsensations___

Sweet Sensations… a Lil bite of Paradise!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Mohammed says:

    Very true I’m addicted to d chocolates n gums dat I bought from her
    As for her ice cream she hasn’t told me abt it
    Will definitely give it a try

    Liked by 1 person

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